About The Ministry

The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management (MoHADM) exists to formulate and supervise the implementation of policies that enhance the mobilization of life-saving humanitarian assistance and coordinate the delivery of the assistance to the people who need it the most in Somalia.

The Ministry shall play the role of a facilitator in the above named activities, and shall be the primary point of contact between humanitarian actors and the Federal Government of Somalia. The Ministry shall communicate the official Government position on all matters humanitarian to local and international actors, and harmonize responses by the Federal and regional Governments with the wider mandate of the UN Humanitarian strategy for Somalia. The Ministry shall oversee all the activities that aims to save lives, strengthen community livelihood systems to withstand shocks and manage disasters, improve access to basic services, while emphasizing protection of vulnerable groups, including seeking durable solutions for IDPs in Somalia.

Most importantly, the Ministry will formulate and implement policies that seek to empower vulnerable communities to withstand and build resistance to natural and man-made shocks, rebuild sustainable livelihoods, address the root causes of vulnerability and solve the cyclical displacement of populations.

Mission: The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management exists to mobilise and coordinate local and international responses to humanitarian situations in order to prevent disasters, save lives, restore livelihoods, and assist affected communities to rebuild resilience against natural and man-made disasters.

Vision: A united Federal Republic of Somalia that has the fiscal, human and technical expertise to respond rapidly to any emerging natural and man-made humanitarian situations